Bird, Night, and then 千賀 健史


Bird, Night, and then

photo by 千賀 健史

貧困から抜け出すこと、両親からの期待、自分の将来の可能性、それらに対する答えは、彼らが選べるほど多くない。 しかし、本当にその道しかなかったのだろうか?



Mukesh was in the free school in Bihar, India.
He had a dream of becoming a doctor since childhood. that's why, he could live straight towards the goal.
But for him who wanted to save a sickly father by becoming a doctor, his father's death led to a loss of purpose, and he crushed by his anxiety and lost sight of his way.
In this country, The main reason why many students commit suicide is that they can't take the way of hope that they know, because of caste discrimination, pressure from families and anxiety about the future.
Liberation from poverty, expectations from parents, future possibilities, and answers to it are not so many as they can choose. But was it really the only answer?
Mukesh decided to proceed the new way that he had been interested for some time back as the next possibility of his own, and his family forgave that as well.

Only this visible world and situation now is not all of our life.
He left for Delhi in search of a new life.
Beyond that, a bright future is not always waiting, so that choice requires courage.
Nothing will change if you stop.
By taking a new step, the night of his solitude and suffering heads for dawn.A new world where light is shining, beautiful and full of possibility, will start from right there.

※This body of work is inspired by true-life events. I worked closely with my subject in order to write the text in the book,
which was derived from the letter that I received from him and some interviews.

千賀 健史(Kenji Chiga)

展示と手製本による発表を行っており、Kassel Dummy Awardでは2冊がファイナリスト 入りをしている。
第16回 写真 1_WALLのグランプリ受賞者であり、作品の一部は清里フォトアートミュージアムに収蔵されている。


Born in 1982, in Shiga Prefecture. Graduated from Osaka University. After graduation, he moved to Tokyo to work as an assistant to a fashion photographer.
Subsequently he participated in various workshops and mastered how to create works with a documentary touch and make a photobook.
Shortlisted for the Kassel Dummy Award, with "happn" and "Bird, Night, and then".
He exhibited at Breda Photo Festival, The Center for Contemporary Photography in Melbourne and Reminders Photography Stronghold in Tokyo.

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