Quiet Existence 堀内 僚太郎


Quiet Existence

photo by 堀内 僚太郎






I have relatives who emigrated to a foreign country under a state-led migration policy during the pre-war period.
They live as minorities in the country. Hearing stories about them as I grew up made me fascinated with people who are defined as minorities.

When I was staying in Germany, I later learned that the people who had been closed to me were Roma.
I had absolutely no knowledge about Roma at that time and their lifestyle looked just so mysterious to me.

Since then, I had been drawn to their strong identity and I visited the area where many Romani people live.
I met many other ethnic groups of people who live as minorities there.

When I faced their lifestyles, I could see their quiet yet strong identity behind them, which strongly resonated with me.
It might be impossible for minorities to maintain their culture without keeping their strong identity.

What is identity? The question always makes me ask myself what kind of individuality I retain.

堀内 僚太郎 ( Ryotaro Horiuchi )

1969年 東京都生まれ
1995年 大阪芸術大学 芸術学部 写真学科卒業
1995年 スタジオエビス勤務。 商業写真を学ぶ
1997年 フリーランスとして活動を開始
2002年 作品制作の目的でドイツに滞在

1969:Born in Tokyo, Japan
1995:Graduated from Osaka University of Arts. B.F.A. in Photography Major.
1995:Worked for Studio Ebis, in Tokyo.Studied commercial photography.
1997:Started work as a freelance photographer.
2002:Traveled around Germany for photographic survey.


= Group Exhibitions =

2017年 クアラルンプール国際写真祭2017 受賞者展 Whitebox Gallery , Malaysia
2016年 六甲山国際写真祭2016 "Quiet Existence" (スライドショー作家として)
2016年 RAIEC TOKYO 2016 "34 photographers Group Exhibition" 3331 Arts Chiyoda
2014年 "Esquisse"  Gallery Botanica 静岡
2006年 "現代日本の写真" Art Box Gallery 東京

= Awards =

2017:Photolucida Critical Mass 2017, Finalists 200 for "Quiet Existence" 
2017:Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards 2017 main category / Finalists 25 for "Gabor Gabor"
2017:Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards 2017 open category / Finalists 25 for "Descendant of samurai" 
2016:PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHY PARIS (PX3) 2016 COMPETITION for "falling waters" / Honorable Mention
2016:LensCulture PORTRAIT AWARDS 2016 for "Quiet Existence" / top rated photographer

= Web Magazine =

2016年 Fraction Magazine Japan 21号 "falling waters" 掲載

= Publication =

2006年 写真集「現代日本の写真 Vol 7」の一人に選出

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